Our members have exclusive access to A New Leaf Naturopathic Clinic webinars, which focus on proactive health. It’s important to our team at A New Leaf that our patients continue feeling great, even after we’ve helped heal their health concerns.

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Worry Less: Support Your Anxiety

Can't escape those anxious feelings or thoughts?
Dr. Alison Vandekerkhove, ND will cover how the nervous system functions, different types of anxiety, testing for anxiety, treatment options, breathing exercises, nutrition for anxiety, and recommended supplements to support anxiety.

Stress Less: Support Your Adrenals

Feeling stressed?
Dr. Alison Vandekerkhove, ND will cover how stress affects the body, stress hormones, and ways to manage stress through testing, nutrition, and lifestyle adjustments.

Hormone Support Webinar

Interested in BBT Charting?
Dr. Johanna Brouwer, ND will explain what basal body temperature charting is, who it's for, how to go about it, and what the results can tell us.

Genetic Health Webinar

Looking to learn more about your genetic makeup?
Dr. Johanna Brouwer, ND will explain why genetics are important, how to go about saliva testing through 23andMe, and which genes we should focus on with PureGenomics.

SIBO For Patients

Recently diagnosed with Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth?
Our Naturopathic Physicians will cover how the digestive system is supposed to work, what SIBO is, symptoms, testing, treatment options, and relapse.

Detox Reboot Program

Need to detox?
This program focuses on building good, healthy habits by kicking the body into reboot, and understanding how it reacts to certain food groups. The detox will help you create a more balanced lifestyle that can be carried on after the program is complete.