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Immune System

Feeling run down?
The team of Naturopathic Physicians at A New Leaf focuses on the Immune System in this webinar. They highlight cold and flu season, prevention, immune-boosting tips, as well as children's immune health. The immune system is extremely important as it is the body's defense against infectious organisms and other invaders. Immune response attacks substances and germs that invade the body and cause disease.

January Body Reboot

Need to detox?
The Naturopathic Doctors at A New Leaf are excited to go on this January Body Reboot journey with you. This webinar focuses on a fresh start by cutting down on junk, adding nutritional, whole foods into your diet, and understanding how your body reacts to specific food groups. This detox will help you create a balanced lifestyle that can be carried on after the detox is complete.

Women's Health

Looking to take control of your health?
Dr. Alison Vandekerkhove at A New Leaf Naturopathic Clinic shares why Women's Health is so important, and ways to take your power back. The webinar below highlights disease prevention, hormone balance, stress, chronic fatigue, PAP tests, doctor's appointments, menopause, and so much more.