The Naturopathic Doctors at A New Leaf hold regular events that discuss areas of question, concern, and interest from our patients. These events are exclusive to our members, and are a great opportunity to have an open discussion with our team of  Naturopathic Physicians. 

Topics include: Children’s Anxiety, Weight Management, The Immune System, Women’s Health, Proactive Health, Healing The Gut, and many more.

We strive to ensure every member feels welcome to our events by offering a variety of different time slots (ie: after work, weekends) as well as hosting kid-friendly events! Our clinic is located on the first floor, and is also wheel-chair accessible.

Not a member but interested? Contact our clinic reception for more information!

Keys To Obtaining A Healthy Weight

An educational event that highlights some of the main factors that contribute to challenges with weight and how a healthy weight can be improved through various food and lifestyle changes. Dr. Conway, ND will examine some of the current health trends and diets— discussing some of the pros and cons of fad diets. A general approach to weight balance will be offered with a focus on nutrition, lifestyle, and physical activity. There will be a sneak peek of A New Leaf's new TARGET Weight Management Program with 10-minute free mini-consults after the event.

Dr. James R. Conway, ND is one of the Naturopathic Doctors at A New Leaf and has a family practice that focuses on children's, men's, and cardiovascular health. He addresses all health concerns with a thorough approach that blends current medical research with traditional natural medicines. Dr. Conway, ND is interested in helping patients develop a healthy attitude towards food, emotions, and physical activity so that they can obtain a healthier weight.

Uncovering Anxiety: Natural Approaches to Stress and Worry in Children

For parents and children who would like to learn about how they can address stress and worry, and delve deeper into some of the underlying factors such as certain health conditions, nutrient deficiencies, digestive concerns, environmental influences, and social impacts. Learn about some practical approaches to help with mood balance and improve feelings of worry, overwhelm, and low motivation. There will be some short activities and time for discussion at the end.

Dr. James R. Conway, ND has a keen interest in helping individuals — including children — who have mood and behavioural concerns, and utilizes a range of assessments and treatments to improve health and well-being. Dr. Conway, ND and his wife live locally in Langley and have two young children.